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My name is Eric and I'm a designer, lover of board games, sports, dogs, and the outdoors.

I have a bachelors in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan, which gave me a great foundation in problem solving and my first introduction to product. I made the transition into UX design when I discovered that my passion for product expanded into the digital world. 

I have been working as a product designer with a focus on mobile design and I take pride in my contributions to the overall product strategy. 

Some of my hobbies


Football is something I'm extremely passionate about and I was lucky enough to have gotten the opportunity to play at the University of Michigan as a wide receiver.

Nowadays my favorite hobby is an indoor form of rock climbing called bouldering. Its a great blend of physical exercise and problem solving. It also provides me with constant goals to strive for.

I may live in Chicago now but the PNW will always be home. I love going outdoors whether it's hiking or snowboarding.

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