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Co-Founder & Product Designer

Music sharing platform that facilitates music discovery through friendly competition. Create and join leagues where players submit a song during the week and then vote for their favorite on the weekend. 

Attempting to tackle the problem of music sharing and discovery, we set out to create an app to alleviate the pain from the current music sharing options. After further research we realized we had the opportunity with Ivy to not only provide an easy way to share music but also provide a fun and engaging reason to share and discover music as well.


As a product designer for Ivy I lead the user research, sending out surveys and conducting user interviews. After our beta launch we had enough data to help produce design deliverables such as personas and the customer journey map shown on the left. One thing we found from research was that people needed ways to communicate and spend more time on the platform. To address this I have been focused on a redesign of the website to allow for a central chat function as well as keeping all other features present and easily accessible, emphasizing a natural flow throughout the entire app.

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