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Eric Kim

UX & Product Designer

As a T-shaped product designer specializing in mobile design and product strategy, I bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to every project. With a background in mechanical engineering, I have a proven track record of problem-solving.

My expertise in mobile information architecture allows me to create intuitive, user-centered designs that prioritize ease of use and accessibility. I'm committed to crafting seamless user experiences that connect people with the information they need.

Whether collaborating with cross-functional teams or working independently, I bring a detail-oriented, user focused approach to every project I undertake. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in mobile design, I'm committed to delivering impactful products that make a real difference in people's lives.


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Portfolio Manager App

Product designer for SMS Assist

A simple and efficient tool for portfolio managers to take actions on maintenance work orders. Designed to have as little distractions as possible while the user completes tasks such as approving quotes


BrainStation Capstone Project

For my BrainStation bootcamp completed a course-long capstone project. In this project I identified, planned, researched, and designed a digital mobile interaction that addressed a problem space of my choosing using the tools and techniques of user experience design. I chose to tackle the problem of obesity in dogs.

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Co-Founder & Product Designer

Music sharing platform that facilitates music discovery through friendly competition. Create and join leagues where players submit a song during the week and then vote for their favorite on the weekend. 


24-hour Hackathon

24 hour hackathon with WHOOP. During this project my team had to design a new feature that fit with their current branding and existing features. We also paired with students from the web development cohort to develop our designs.

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Therapeutic Gaming Controller

Mechanical Design

Designed a therapeutic gaming controller for patients with scleroderma. Utilized empathy to design a device for patients with completely different needs than my own. The controller exercised grip strength and wrist flexion while increasing patients participation in their rehab programs.

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